700 millions pour les RER, contrôle des prix de l’électricité… les annonces de Macron sur la planification écologique

On Monday, September 25, the second Ecological Planning Council was held at the Élysée. At the end of the meeting, Emmanuel Macron presented his project for the environment in the coming years.

The French government’s goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 138 million tonnes by 2030. In this regard, an Ecological Planning Council was organized at the Élysée on Monday, September 25. After hours of discussion, the President made numerous announcements.

« I cannot reword »

To begin his speech, the head of state stated his desire to « build a French-style ecology » and boasted about his environmental record, as reported by BFMTV. « We will not pursue an ecology of denial or an ecology of austerity, which is incompatible with a productive model. We aim for an ecology that generates economic value, » he explained.

« I cannot reword »

700 millions d’euros pour le déploiement des RER métropolitains

As previously announced, Emmanuel Macron has allocated « 700 million euros from the government » to have plans for the deployment of these lines « by October ».

He also assured that France and the European Union will « regain control of electricity prices » by the end of 2023. Regarding electricity, he set the goal of zero coal in the country’s production by 2027. At that point, he assured that « at least one million electric cars will be produced on French soil ». The President continued by announcing the opening of an electric car leasing service for 100 euros per month starting in October, according to Le Parisien.

« Un million de pompes à chaleur » d’ici 2027

The President then addressed one of the important topics of the past few months: the promotion of heat pump usage. He specifically pledged to « manufacture one million heat pumps by the end of the five-year term. »

In the long run, he hopes that the French will choose them instead of gas boilers.

The government’s strategy revolves around nuclear power.

Le chef de file de Renaissance a également défendu « une écologie juste et accessible ». Alors que le glyphosate pourrait être encore utilisé pour les dix prochaines années dans l’Union européenne, il a fixé l’objectif d’une diminution de 30 % de son usage. « On ne peut pas laisser des agriculteurs sans solution », a-t-il justifié.

Finally, in order to « establish a French-style ecology, » Emmanuel Macron intends to base his plan on nuclear energy. « All scientists tell us that there is no strategy for reducing greenhouse gas emissions without nuclear energy, » he concluded.

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