A new fund has been launched for Christophe Dettinger, the former yellow vest boxer, by his lawyer.

l’essentielJuan Branco has announced the launch of a new fundraiser to help his client, more than four years after the closure of a previous fundraiser deemed contrary to public order.

Juan Branco, the lawyer of former boxer and yellow vest activist Christophe Dettinger, claims that a new fund has been launched for him on Friday, September 15, 2023.

« Il s’appelle Christophe Dettinger. Il s’est opposé à un gendarme à mains nues lors de l’acte V des gilets jaunes. Il a été condamné à une peine de prison et à des dettes considérables », déclare l’avocat sur Twitter. « Une collecte de fonds avait été créée pour ‘aider sa famille’. La justice l’a annulée sur ordre du gouvernement, sous prétexte qu’elle aurait incité à la violence », ajoute-t-il, appelant à soutenir son client « afin qu’il puisse continuer à utiliser une voiture diesel et à fumer des cigarettes Gitanes » et partageant le lien vers une collecte de fonds hébergée par le site GoFundMe.

His name is Christophe Dettinger. He had confronted a gendarme barehanded during the fifth act of the yellow vests movement. He paid for it with months in prison and overwhelming debts.

Une cagnotte avait été créée pour « aider sa famille ». La justice l’a annulée sur ordre du gouvernement, au… https://t.co/eqkXibb9dM

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145 000 euros récoltés en deux jours

In January 2019, the court invalidated the Leetchi fund opened for Christophe Dettinger and ordered the return of the funds to its contributors, deeming the purpose of this collection contrary to public order. The online fund was created on January 6th for the former boxer, who was in custody after being filmed the day before in Paris hitting two gendarmes during the « yellow vests » protest. Within two days, donations had poured in and reached 145,000 euros.

Leetchi had decided, on January 8th, to suspend this fund criticized by police unions and political officials. Former professional boxer, Christophe Dettinger, had been sentenced to one year in prison (with semi-liberty) and 18 months of probation for the events of January 2019.

Parallèle avec l’affaire Nahel

In a second publication, Juan Branco clarified the approach, drawing a parallel with the fund launched for the police officer involved in the death of young Nahel in Nanterre. « Last July, Jean Messiha created two funds to support a police officer suspected of committing, in the line of duty, a homicide of a minor. While society was torn apart by this incident, Mr. Messiha collected over one and a half million euros for the benefit of the accused and his family. The government, when questioned about this, remained silent, » stated the lawyer.


Last July, Mr. Jean Messiha established two fundraisers to support a police officer who was suspected of committing a homicide on a minor while on duty.

As society was torn apart by this incident, Mr. Messiha…

— Juan Branco u270a (@anatolium) September 15, 2023

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« A few years earlier, […] no less than three members of the government, including the current Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne, had publicly and successfully intervened to have a citizen’s fund censored, » he said, referring to the closure of the fund opened for his client in 2019. The lawyer points out a « contrast » in the treatment given to these two similar situations. Criticizing the « obscene treatment » of his client, he also promises to file an appeal. »