A promising start to the new school year.

l’essentielThe intercommunal educational grouping, in a priority education network, maintains stable numbers.

The start of the school year within the intercommunal educational group (RPI) of Bélesta school with Fougax-et-Barineuf brings great satisfaction. 93 students have returned to the classrooms, including 30 from Fougax-et-Barrineuf. This is a consistent number. As a reminder, during the 2021 school year, the enrollment of 91 students allowed for the opening of two additional classes.

Dans le détail, à Bélesta, la maternelle de Sabine Molinéro, accueille 19 enfants en petite et moyenne section.

Regarding the elementary level, one of the four classes accommodates students in two levels of CE1 and CE2: Laurence Pialaprat’s class with 13 students, and Lucie Laguarrigue’s class with 12 students.

The CM1 and CM2 class, led by Principal Amandine Cézaire, has a total of 20 students.

In addition to having a covered playground since last summer, the school in Bélesta also has a connected board. A digital tool that provides opportunities and enables the successful implementation of certain educational projects.

In Fougax-et-Barrineuf, there are 29 students divided into two classes: Julie Vivancos’ class for middle and upper kindergarten with 13 students, and Max Laffargue’s class for upper kindergarten and first grade with 16 students.

On the municipality’s side, there is a strong desire to provide teachers and students with a comfortable, welcoming, and functional structure. This is a priority. As a result, a multi-year program has been implemented, which has included significant renovations such as insulation, replacing 26 windows with electric shutters, refreshing classrooms, floors, ceilings, and walls, as well as installing a brand new roof for the reception area located at the entrance of the school. Only one classroom remains to be refreshed. The municipality also provides four individuals for extracurricular activities.

The students and teaching teams of the RPI are now working. And after winning the first prize of the « Citizen Students » competition in 2022, numerous projects will be carried out during the school year.

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