A Renaissance deputy suggests prohibiting strikes before major international events.

Karl Olive, who was elected in Yvelines, aims to safeguard the « image of France » abroad. The opposition quickly voiced their concerns.

« We will have the Olympic Games, we will have four billion viewers, and yet we will still be draped in controversy because a minority comes to whistle, comes to strike opportunistically… In fact, I would support exceptional laws on the matter. »

« A minority that aims to degrade and tarnish the image of France. »

The deputy Renaissance of Yvelines, Karl Olive, did not beat around the bush on Sunday on France Info, proposing to ban demonstrations and strike notices before major international events organized in France. « Banning strikes – in transportation for example – the day before and two days before major international events does not seem inconsistent to me, » he later clarified on X (formerly Twitter), adding: « The reputation of France should not suffer from a minority that wants to systematically, gratuitously, and knowingly degrade and tarnish the image of the country at the first opportunity. »

u27a1ufe0fInterdire les grèves -dans les transports par exemple- les veilles et avant-veilles de grands événements internationaux ne me parait par incohérent.
u27a1ufe0fLa notoriété de la France ud83cuddebud83cuddf7 n’a pas à pâtir d’une minorité qui veut dégrader et pourrir systématiquement, gratuitement et… https://t.co/rDq7nGhn7O

— KARL OLIVE Député (@KARLOLIVE) September 10, 2023

It should be said that his remarks quickly sparked strong reactions from the opposition. « Will we soon see the removal of vocal cords to prevent booing against King Macron? » quipped the leader of LFI, Manuel Bompard. The first secretary of the PS, Olivier Faure, also drew a connection between this proposal and the jeers received by Emmanuel Macron on Friday night at the opening of the Rugby World Cup. « When 80,000 spectators who do not know each other, boo the President of the Republic, the wise person questions the reasons rather than proposing an exceptional law. The answer is more democracy, not more autocracy. »

On the other hand, the National Rally, through the voice of deputy Jordan Guitton, mentioned a « dangerous authoritarian trend. »

Une tribune dans le Journal du Dimanche

Was it a trial balloon? An isolated initiative from a deputy who was already criticized by his peers a month ago for writing an article in the new Journal du Dimanche directed by Geoffroy Lejeune. Former sports journalist at Canal +, former mayor of Poissy, Karl Olive seems to enjoy attracting media attention. This Sunday, he succeeded…

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