Albi: How is the municipal opposition preparing for 2026?

l’essentiel Opposition et introspection. Le Collectif pour Albi a présenté son bilan de mi-mandat et sa feuille de route pour les trois années à venir. Avec, en ligne de mire, les prochaines élections municipales albigeoises en 2026.

The formula almost worked in 2020. Gathered at the Domaine de la Mouline on Monday evening, the Collective for Albi presented its midterm assessment and roadmap for the next three years. The municipal opposition wants to build on what has been its strength in the last elections but has shown its limitations recently: unity and citizen participation.

« Residents of Albi and other individuals who live outside the city but work in Albi have expressed their opinions, and we have assessed the majority’s performance, » explains Nathalie Ferrand-Lefranc. What emerges from this is the inconsistency between the objectives and the results, particularly regarding mobility issues, as well as the refusal to fund a public health center. »

« How much money does the City allocate to the SCA? »

And the municipal opposition is taking aim at the « concern for transparency of public money ». « How much money does the City allocate to the SCA? » wonders Nathalie Ferrand-Lefranc. Between the amateur section, the professionals, and the Guitardié sports field… Many participants have expressed their concerns to us and we have not been able to respond. The same question applies to major festivals like Pause Guitare. »

Le Collectif pour Albi avait organisé des ateliers lundi soir.
The Albi Collective had arranged workshops on Monday evening.DDM – EMILIE CAYRE

The circuit remains a topic of discussion, especially since the end of the public service delegation and the transfer to direct management: budget, number of municipal employees working there… « Why doesn’t the City create a separate budget? It is legal and we will request it at the next municipal council meeting, » emphasizes the elected representative from Albi.

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Bilan de la majorité certes mais aussi séance d’introspection. « Nous n’avons pas été épargnés en tant qu’élus minoritaires, avance Nathalie Ferrand-Lefranc. Les participants nous ont reproché d’être trop dans l’opposition systématique. Ils nous appellent à un changement de posture et nous l’avons entendu : si nous étions aux affaires, qu’est-ce que l’on ferait ? »

Patrick Vieu présent lundi soir

In the next three years, the Collectif pour Albi aims to establish citizen neighborhood councils. This is a way to bring together all the willing individuals, especially considering the recent challenges faced by the municipal opposition.

Officialisée en juin dernier, la scission de groupe d’opposition de gauche est revenue sur le tapis. Les deux élus socialistes avaient décidé de quitter le groupe du collectif pour rejoindre les communistes. « Cette scission a été regrettée par des nombreux participants, c’est une histoire compliquée à comprendre, souligne la cheffe de file de l’opposition. Mais les élus sont toujours membre du collectif. Ce sont des positions différentes mais pas inconciliable. »

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Understanding that for the upcoming elections, the left wishes to unite. Patrick Vieu, who created a citizen collective last November – clearly stating his ambition to bring together the left and the center to shift the city – was present on Monday evening. « Each person works with their own DNA but is not separated from others, there are connections everywhere, we need to get to know each other but we want a united list, » emphasizes Nathalie Ferrand-Lefranc.

The question of who will lead it in 2026 remains unanswered. « It is not currently relevant, » opponents dismiss. « At the moment, we are developing a program. »

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