Antoine Dupont : « Il sera bientôt avec nous », « il nous a dit qu’il allait bien »… Les Bleus donnent des premières nouvelles

l’essentielAfter three days of rest, the players of the French national rugby team who are participating in the Rugby World Cup in France have returned to training. Several of them have received updates on their injured captain and have shared this information.

Rarely has an absence been so noticeable. On Monday, September 25th, the rugby players of the French national team returned to training after a three-day break. Their next World Cup match, France-Italy, is scheduled for Friday, October 6th (9 pm, in Lyon). This will be the last match of the group stage before the quarter-finals.

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Therefore, following the match against Namibia on Thursday 21st, they were able to take a break and spend time with their loved ones on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. During these three days, there was much discussion about Antoine Dupont, the captain, who was injured in the face during the game against Namibia, and the date of his potential return to competition is still unknown.

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This Monday in Aix-en-Provence, where the French team is currently based, Antoine Dupont is not present as he has gone to rest in his hometown of Castelnau-Magnoac in the Hautes-Pyrénées. However, there have been discussions about the scrum-half, particularly during today’s press conferences.

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Several players have provided updates. « Antoine’s return to the team is important. And he will be with us soon, » stated center Arthur Vincent without hesitation. He will rejoin the team shortly, but we do not have any details at the moment. Antoine is well supported by his loved ones and healthcare specialists. His return will be handled in the best possible way. » And the Montpellier player continued, « We are thinking of him very strongly. But this team has already faced injuries, it has experience. »

de porter un masque lors de la Coupe du monde de rugby 2023.

The pillar of La Rochelle, Reda Wardi, shared the same positive mindset: « All the players are checking in on Antoine individually. Personally, I have. We hope he will join us soon, » he testified. « It’s been two and a half months that everyone has been working hard, so to see a player of this caliber and importance get injured is not good news. He told us he was doing rather well. That’s positive! »

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At present, Antoine Dupont and the French team’s challenge is to ensure the star player’s participation in the quarter-finals of the World Cup, which will most likely take place on October 15th at Stade de France against South Africa.

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