Asprières. Municipale partielle : les cinq candidats en lice dimanche

The municipal council has lost five of its members due to successive resignations (1), and the voters are called upon to replace them. The first round of voting will take place on Sunday, September 24th, at the polling station in the reception hall from 8 am to 6 pm. The regulations now require all candidates to submit a declaration of candidacy for the first round of voting to the prefecture within a specific timeframe. Five candidates have come forward and are presenting themselves together for the votes of the residents of Asprières. The name of their list, « new synergy, » suggests that these candidates align with the current team. This has been confirmed by one of the candidates. The list includes three women and two men. Dominique Calmettes, 51 years old, works as a customer service assistant and lives in Bor. Marilyn Château, 44 years old, is a veterinary nurse from Vernet-le-Haut. Sandrine Montgaillard, 58 years old, is a nurse in transition and works as a communications officer in Querbes. Éric Blanchard, 57 years old, is a ceramic artisan from La Canague. Yves Boissié, 63 years old, is retired and lives in Le Bourg.

The voting ballot will be available at the polling station.

If necessary, a second round will be held on Sunday, October 1st.

Following our August 2023 article announcing these partial and supplementary municipal elections, the second out of the five elected officials who have resigned since the 2020 elections clarifies that their decision has no connection to any dishwasher-related incident but rather they have resigned « for personal reasons. »