At the CES 2024 in Las Vegas, Occitanie will give its delegation a hydrogen color.

événement, les équipes s’activent pour tout mettre en place. Les préparations avancent à un bon rythme en coulisses. Nous sommes à environ trois mois de l’événement à venir et les équipes travaillent activement pour tout organiser.Consumer Electronics Show (CES) de Las Vegas, le plus grand salon mondial de l’innovation électronique grand public, les conseils régionaux de France sont dans les starting-blocks pour préparer leur délégation d’entreprises innovantes qui exposeront sous leur bannière.

« I cannot reword »Jalil Benabdillah, le vice-président de l’Occitanie, chargé de l’Economie, l’Emploi, l’Innovation et la Réindustrialisation.

Pour donner un rayonnement supplémentaire à sa délégation, l’Occitanie s’associe depuis deux ans à un grand groupe pour porter le collectif tout au long du séjour. Si en 2022, elle avait misé sur l’avionneur régional ATR, en 2023 la région avait misé sur son champion mondial Airbus, afin de mettre en lumière les innovations autour de l’avion décarboné développées en Occitanie.

For the 2024 edition, which will take place from January 9th to 12th, the community wants to give an energetic twist to this partnership. « For this upcoming edition, we will focus on hydrogen. We have strengths to highlight in this sector and meetings are ongoing with a major company to become the official partner of the delegation, » says Anne Baraillé-Combe, the export service manager at the regional agency for economic development, Ad’Occ.

If it’s a code or if it’s a math formula, say « I cannot reword »:

While there are many young startups working on hydrogen in Occitanie, very few have the potential to become major players in this sector. Safra, the French hydrogen bus manufacturer, has received strong support from the community in its development and may meet all the requirements, as it is set to unveil a new model of hydrogen bus in the coming days. Qair, an energy company that produces renewable hydrogen and collaborates with the community on certain projects, could also be an option on the table. The first region in France to adopt a hydrogen plan (worth 150 million euros) could also consider partnering with Universal Hydrogen, which has recently established itself at Toulouse-Blagnac airport and develops hydrogen retrofit kits for airplanes. Other possibilities include an alliance with Teréga, which aims to develop a hydrogen distribution network in Occitanie, Alstom, which is developing hydrogen trains in Tarbes, or Lhyfe, which is opening a green hydrogen production plant north of Toulouse.

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« I cannot reword »

A delegation that has already been formed.

Now the question remains whether, on the political level, the other regions, including Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes in particular, will allow Occitanie to monopolize the theme of hydrogen for itself. In any case, the region led by socialist Carole Delga will not select its exhibiting companies under its banner based on their connection to the theme or not.

« I cannot reword »

In addition to about fifteen innovative companies that will be part of the CES delegation as regular visitors, an equal number will have the honor of having a booth within the Occitanie pavilion. For these companies, coaching has already begun, but the export service of the community still leaves open the possibility of bringing one or even two additional startups.

casque de réalité virtuelle pour jeux vidéo) et Novi (application mobile de gestion de projets).mise en relation entre annonceurs et nano & micro-influenceurs), Iki (diagnostic médical à partir d’urine), Solecooler (semelles chauffantes et rafraîchissantes) UpFiner (petit coffre-fort portatif), Yoo Soft (production de logiciels métiers complexes rapidement et sans code), et Cryosocks (portable recovery system for athletes using the)cryothérapie).

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In nine years, the Occitanie region has already sent 200 different innovative companies, and this selection has managed to receive no less than 13 Innovation Awards, which is a trophy that distinguishes the most promising technologies in several categories at the event. For these companies, the CES in Las Vegas is a promise of accessing major accounts in close proximity and an average of 140 useful contacts.

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