Attal se penche sur le blues des profs à la quarantaine

Les faits –

The Minister of National Education starts discussions with the unions this Wednesday regarding training, working conditions, and human resources.

Gabriel Attal must get his hands dirty. After a busy start of the school year focused on peripheral but important issues such as dress code or harassment, the « Teachers » project is now in front of him. There is strong pressure from the teachers’ union, as expressed by the communication from Snes-FSU, stating that there is a lack of teachers in half of the middle schools and high schools. This gave the majority union an opportunity to mock the minister’s repeated statement that « there will be a teacher in front of every student » at the start of the school year. Gabriel Attal’s office responded by stating that only 0.1% of positions are vacant and that the Snes-FSU survey mixes unfilled positions with temporary absences (due to illness, etc.). However, the minister’s team acknowledges the obvious impact on the affected students and families.

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