Bazillac. De l’Adour à l’Arros


Soirée Peñaca

À partir de 19 heures, vendredi 29 septembre au petit foyer, Peñaca à l’occasion de la diffusion à 21 heures du match de coupe du monde de rugby Nouvelle-Zélande / Italie : tapas, bar à vins de pays, brasero. Soirée animée par le groupe La FAF.


Reconnaissance de l’état de catastrophe naturelle

By interministerial order dated July 22, 2023, published in the official journal on September 14, 2023, the municipality of Villecomtal has been recognized as a disaster area due to the drought that occurred in 2022. The individuals affected have 30 days from the publication of the order to submit, if necessary, a compensation claim to their insurance company.


The FIVA announces the establishment of a « Karate Self-Defense » section. Classes will be taught by a certified instructor with a 2nd degree BEES State diploma and a 6th dan in Karate.

From 6 years old to 75 years old, on Wednesday, September 27th, from 2:30 PM to 4 PM, and on Thursday, September 28th, from 6 PM to 9 PM.

Contact Gérard Zapata for information at the following phone number: 06 81 51 24 34.

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