Bressols. Au conseil, les élus échangent des explications et des débats

l’essentielDuring the last session of the municipal council, the topics discussed included the city stadium, the urban area, and early childhood.

At a time when many issues are fueling this new season that is starting, the municipal council of Bressols began its term with a resolute focus on work. This first session, marked by numerous absences, included several items on the agenda. The city stadium, first of all, now functional on the playground, illustrates the transformative projects for the area. While Mayor Jean-Louis Ibres recalled that it was the realization of an idea from the youth council, Joanne Lepelletier, in charge of finances, detailed the financing plan: the city stadium cost €78,427.01, funded through 80% of grants, ultimately costing the municipality €15,817.44. It will be necessary to enforce the conditions of use for this new facility. « Currently, some young people enter the field with scooters, which can damage the surface, » analyzed Jean-Louis Éternot. Then, the issues of the community of municipalities demanded debate, with the request for integration of the municipality of Léojac, unanimously approved by the Bressols elected officials. « But the administrative process will still be long, » warned the mayor. With more technical and sometimes subtle considerations, the community’s responsibility for early childhood was dissected, with an explanation of texts regarding operational procedures.

Postes créés

Marc Lacaille then explained the conditions for two job creations, one administrative position at the city hall, related to an increased workload, and the other for a job training contract for an agent who will be responsible for school support missions. The municipality is anticipating by outlining the plans for the 2024 census, including the appointment of a municipal coordinator. One final point before addressing some common questions that have set the foundation for a new year starting in the middle of a term.