Bruno Leleu, RN delegate in Aveyron, stated that in the event of local elections, they can be the thorn in Millau’s side.

Délégué départemental du Rassemblement National dans l’Aveyron, par ailleurs conseiller régional, Bruno Leleu veut croire aux chances de son parti en cas d’élections municipales précipitées à Millau. 

« I believe we will go back to the polls in Millau. » Bruno Leleu, National Rally (RN) departmental delegate, as well as regional advisor, intends to seize what he sees as a great political opportunity. « We are engaging in dialogue with the merchants, the residents. They all express their frustration with Gazel. And Saint-Pierre is not the savior. »

Bruno Leleu, who was unsuccessful in the 2014 municipal elections in Decazeville, announced that he has « sent emails to the Aveyron members of the RN » as of Wednesday morning. He claims to have received positive feedback, ensuring « ten names for a list of thirty-five. Today we have the numbers. We can be a thorn in the side for Millau, causing some trouble. » Will he be the lead candidate? « I would prefer someone from Millau, but I will take on the responsibility if necessary. »

Présent ce vendredi matin sur le marché de Millau

Annonçant sa présence, avec des militants, ce vendredi matin sur le marché de Millau pour tracter et discuter, Bruno Leleu en appelle, d’ores et déjà, « aux gens déçus de la gauche comme de la droite. Aux anciens électeurs du RPR comme à ceux de la gauche de 1981. Ce n’est pas l’appel de Cochin mais l’appel de Millau ! »

In a city, the second largest in Aveyron, where Marine Le Pen received 20% in the first round and 40% in the second round of the last Presidential election, and where the RN candidate reached 13% in the legislative elections, Bruno Leleu starts to believe in it. He predicts a potential score « of 15 or 16%. In the event of a three-way race, like in 2014 and 2020, anything could happen! »