Budget 2024 : L’éducation nationale, le plus gros ministère, augmente de 3,9 milliards, gonflé par les revalorisations salariales

Le ministre de l’éducation nationale, Gabriel Attal, lors d’une visite à l’école Armandine-Mallet, à Saint-Germain-sur-Ille (Ille-et-Vilaine), le 4 septembre 2023.

A confirmation of salary envelopes and the elimination of 2,500 teaching positions are the main highlights of the national education budget for 2024, presented by Minister Gabriel Attal himself on Wednesday, September 27. The proposed finance law includes a 3.9 billion euro increase in funds allocated to the largest ministry and brings the state’s first budget to 63.6 billion euros, which is 29% higher than in 2017.

Cette hausse découle presque entièrement des mesures salariales annoncées ces derniers mois et qui s’appliqueront pour la première fois sur une année complète en 2024. Comme prévu, 1,9 milliard d’euros sont consacrés aux augmentations de salaire « inconditionnelles » des professeurs, qui entrent en vigueur en septembre 2023. L’enveloppe allouée au pacte enseignant, ce dispositif proposant de nouvelles missions en échange d’une rémunération supplémentaire, est de 900 millions d’euros sur l’année. La revalorisation du point d’indice de tous les fonctionnaires de juillet 2023 à hauteur de 1,5 % et les nouvelles mesures prévues pour janvier 2024 se répercutent aussi sur le budget de l’éducation nationale, premier employeur de l’Etat, à hauteur de 1,2 milliard d’euros.

These measures, of unprecedented magnitude in over thirty years, have allowed for a significant catch-up in starting salaries (permanent teachers now start at 2,100 euros net compared to around 1,700 in 2020). However, they have been burdened by an inflation rate of 5.2% in 2022 and 4.9% in 2023, and have not bridged the gap of the past decades in mid-career. While all teacher unions, with whom Gabriel Attal has engaged in discussions on the attractiveness of the profession, are calling for further salary increases, no new funding is planned for this purpose in 2024. « We will continue to work on this progression and these developments in mid-career, » assured the minister on Wednesday.

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The 2024 budget includes 467 million euros for internships in vocational high schools, and 20 million euros to increase the number of young people participating in the universal national service to 80,000, compared to 64,000 in 2023.

In terms of human resources, the national education sector shows an increase of 580 jobs. This is driven by the creation of an additional 3,000 full-time equivalent positions for student support assistants in situations of disability, who will also receive a salary increase. However, this « employment plan » hides the elimination of 2,500 teaching positions in 2024, following 1,500 in 2023, which the ministry justifies by the decrease in the number of students by 83,000 at the start of the 2024 school year.

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