Buzet-sur-Tarn. Sébastien Vincini et Gilles Joviado ont parlé d’avenir

l’essentielOn Monday morning, the president of the departmental council was at the town hall for a working meeting with the mayor of Buzet-sur-Tarn.

« I cannot reword »

Portes du Tarn

The two elected officials discussed the implementation of H2V, a company specialized in green hydrogen production. This production could be done using wastewater and could provide the necessary 950,000 cubic meters annually without the need for pumping. They also mentioned the idea of all local communities working together for the success of the business park, which should benefit from the attractiveness of the Toulouse Metropolis.

Grands projets

According to the multi-year programming of the municipality and the terms of the territorial contracts, the departmental council will provide support for the implementation of the three major projects that will be carried out in the coming years. These projects include a modular and versatile complex (changing rooms, clubhouse, and motor skills room for the nursery school) which is expected to be inaugurated in September 2024, the purchase of land and a building in the Al-Cros area to consolidate the technical services, and the renovation works of the church.

Les enjeux du territoire

Gilles Joviado and Sébastien Vincini also discussed various topics that the mayor considers « crucial for our territories and for Buzet-sur-Tarn »: mobility, economic development, social policy, tourism, collective sanitation scheme and diagnosis, Employment Basin Committee (of which Gilles Joviado is now the president), biodiversity and the Buzet forest, hunting, and the commemoration in July of the 80th anniversary of the massacres of the summer of 1944.

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