Can I rephrase the label « Petite cité de caractère » for Sainte-Croix?

During the meeting on September 19, 2023, the Municipal Council gathered at the Town Hall to discuss and make decisions on significant matters concerning the community.

Indeed, as part of the adoption of the future intermunicipal local urban development plan, the municipal councils were required to express their opinion on the currently finalized project by the intermunicipal authority. The elected officials voted against the current project (8 votes against / 4 votes in favor). Furthermore, the municipal councils were asked to provide their opinion on the Local Housing Program project (a document that constitutes the tool for defining and implementing the intermunicipal housing policy).

Pour la commune de Sainte-Croix, en raison du caractère global et général de ce document, il en a résulté un vote d’approbation. (11 voix pour / 1 abstention).

After these two votes concerning intercommunality, the council discussed strictly municipal deliberations.

Des travaux pour la protection des vitraux de l’église de Sainte-Croix ont été décidés (pour 2 982 euros HT), afin de prévenir d’éventuelles détériorations. Une demande de subvention sera adressée au Département et aux Bâtiments de France.

The Bell Tower of Marin’s church will also undergo consolidation works (after an approved estimate of 14,220 euros excluding taxes). A request for a grant will be made to the Department and the State.

The project management for the safety works at the intersection of RD 76 / Route du Gouzou has been awarded to Aveyron Ingénierie.

The municipality is eligible for the « 1 euro cafeteria » program. In order to qualify, the municipality must establish a pricing system with three tiers calculated based on the family quotient, with at least one tier equal to or less than 1 euro. The rate equal to or less than 1 euro will be granted to families whose family quotient is equal to or less than 1,000. The government will provide a subsidy of 3 euros to the town hall for meals billed at a rate equal to or less than 1 euro.

As part of the renovation of the local school, the officials have decided to include the refurbishment of the floor and the painting of the kindergarten classroom, taking advantage of the ongoing construction.

Finally, among the various questions, the sending of the application file to the « Small Towns of Character » was notably mentioned. This file describes all the attractive features of the municipality and all the notable elements that make it a city worthy of competing for the label.

Furthermore, the elected officials were informed about the approval of the « Green Fund » grant, which will finance 80% of the expenses related to the installation of underground fire reserves. The inauguration of the Club House, built as an extension of the locker rooms, has been scheduled for October 15th at 11 am.

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