Can Sonia Backès remain in the government after her defeat in the senatorial elections?

Les faits –

The close circle of Sonia Backès is in shock due to the « betrayals » that led to an outcome that nobody in the majority had expected.

The future of Sonia Backès’ ministerial position is uncertain after her defeat in the senatorial elections on Sunday. It is even up in the air at 30,000 feet. The Secretary of State for Citizenship left New Caledonia on Monday afternoon. Due to the time difference, she will only land in Paris on Tuesday evening. Will she immediately head to the Elysée Palace to meet the President of the Republic? The subject of the discussion requires rest and concentration, which cannot be guaranteed after a 24-hour journey. The meeting could take place on Wednesday. Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne also wishes to speak with the Secretary of State who was defeated in the senatorial elections.

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