Ch. Barthès dévoile son dossier sur l’eau

l’essentielIn the presence of his mission officer, Christian Bès, the deputy from the National Rally, Christophe Barthès, presented his report on the Aude River.

The far-right deputy, Christophe Barthès, wants to be clear: « I did not hire Christian Bès as a mission officer to produce a report on drought and climate. Things have been misrepresented. » In a report aired on the show « C dans l’air, » a sequence was filmed in the presence of the deputy from the first district of Aude. Christophe Barthès is alongside Christian Bès, whom he employs to write a report on the Aude River and its watersheds. When asked by journalists, Bès claims to not be a scientist but a former salesman who has recently retired. However, he still believes that he knows quite a bit about the Aude compared to others in their offices. Given the current meteorological context, this passage has made opponents of the RN political party smile and given them something to talk about. But regarding the report, the former winemaker and his mission officer contest what has been done: « They judged this report that we are conducting as being controversial. » Christophe Barthès clarifies that he « did not talk about the reports of the IPCC or drought, but only about water. » « I have never denied climate change, but I admit that we do not know if it is solely linked to humans. » His mission officer adds, « We have been experiencing droughts for several hundred years. Perhaps this pace has accelerated in recent years, only time will tell. » But what can be found in this dossier? To be honest, we don’t really know. Deputy Christophe Barthès is examining it to ask questions at both the local and national levels. « I will question actors from various organizations as well as ministers. » According to the far-right elected official, the dossier consists of four missions: knowledge, anticipation, development, and alertness of the Aude River. And all of this has been studied by the self-proclaimed scientist, Christian Bès: « I chose him mainly because he was elected for 12 years in the Trèbes city council in charge of urban planning and rivers during Claude Banis’ terms. He has experienced numerous disasters such as the different floods in this municipality. » Christian Bès has been tasked with recounting the history of significant floods in the department and analyzing the structures responsible for action plans. « We discover financial and operational assessments. But also elements of administration, » clarifies the RN deputy. And he continues, « I can guarantee you that there has been real research work. It is necessary to understand how watersheds function. »

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