Circuit des Remparts: quatre rallyes sillonneront le Cognaçais et le Nord-Charente ce samedi

Where can one see the cars of the Remparts Rally on Saturday?

CLast year, four routes were planned in the North-Charente and Cognaçais regions. To witness the vintage cars passing by on Saturday, head to Chais Magelis in Angoulême at 8:30 am, where the International Rally of Charente will start. This rally has been gathering cars since 1960. Then, at 9 am, the starting grid for the Rally of the Elders, reserved for cars before 1914, and the Rally of Legends, for cars until 1959, will be at Champ-de-Mars. Lunch will be at noon in Tusson and at the Cognac airbase. All cars will arrive in Angoulême around 4 pm via Hergé Street. The club rally will depart at 9 am and arrive at Champniers at 4 pm from the Talbot autodistribution in the Montagnes Ouest zone, on Forêt Braconne Street.