Conseil communautaire : politique d’accueil et projet social de territoire

President Gilles Bonsang opens the session by introducing the seven new elected officials from the municipality, who were elected in the partial election on July 9th, and welcomes them. After reducing the number of vice-presidents from seven to six, the president proceeds to vote for a 6th vice-president. Josian Palach, deputy mayor of Saint-Antonin (the only candidate), is elected with a majority vote (8 abstentions) and will be in charge of territorial planning and agriculture. Then, the council votes on the functional allowances for the president and the six vice-presidents. Next, the president lists the various external and internal commissions and the different external bodies that the new officials will be integrated into. As part of the « Petite ville de demain » project, the municipality of Caylus will commit to an urban renovation program (OPAH-RU) with a priority focus on the town center. For 2024, the community of municipalities will subsidize nineteen owner-occupied housing units with €500 per unit for energy-related works, as well as six to seven rental units at 10% of the subsidized works’ cost, capped at €4,000, funded by ANAH. Regarding the Gemapi competence, the council approves the prefectural order for the creation of the Aveyron aval Public Establishment for Water Management and Development, effective January 1st, 2024. The EPAGE-Viaur will be responsible for managing the Natura 2000 sites, specifically the Aveyron and Viaur valley sub-site. Following a petition signed by around a hundred young people, access to the youth center, which is open on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays after school, and previously required a €30 annual fee, will now be free since young people were staying outside instead of paying this fee. Since 2010, the community of municipalities has been committed to a Massif Central Welcome Policy in order to maintain existing populations and activities while trying to attract new ones. The QRGA territory is implementing a 3-year action plan (2024-2026), structured around three axes to promote its attractiveness and support local development: – axis 1 « bring in » to promote the territory’s attractiveness; – axis 2 « settle in » to develop favorable conditions for the creation of local employment activities; – axis 3 « stay » to consolidate livability criteria for permanent settlement. For this, a financing plan of approximately €164,211 is unanimously approved. Reports on the price and quality of household waste, drinking water, and sanitation services are approved. Pedagogical workshops, especially targeting students, will be set up in the former reception building of the Bosc cave. Vice-president Cécile Lafon provides an update and assessment on the social project for the territory, which includes early childhood (micro-creche in Varen, childminders in Laguépie) and social mobility by implementing a simplified mobility plan with local solutions and active participation from the municipalities. DGS Mathieu Simon provides an update on the healthcare policy for the territory, stating that a full-time doctor has started in Parisot and that two new doctors are expected in Laguépie by 2024.

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