Coupe du monde de rugby 2023 : Arthur Vincent sait que c’est « aux finisseurs d’apporter ce petit plus »

Le centre montpelliérain Arthur Vincent, auteur d’une rentrée remarquée lors de la rencontre France – All Blacks (27-13) ce vendredi 8 septembre, s’est confié après la rencontre.

Il y a une sensation étrange. D’un côté, vous battez les Blacks, mais de l’autre, on a l’impression que vous pourriez améliorer votre performance.

Especially in this first half. However, we are still leading at halftime. This first match was crucial because we needed to win and make a strong start in the competition. We must remain humble and quickly move forward. It was necessary to start like this, with an incredible atmosphere. We are truly delighted to be able to share this with our audience.

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Est-ce que votre force réside dans la confiance que vous inspirez ?

I don’t know. But we are practicing for it. We are working on all scenarios. No matter what happens, we always try to stick to our strategy. Sometimes it’s more complicated, but we hold on. It was important not to lose focus after that initial action. It’s wonderful to maintain this sense of serenity.

Depuis votre retour après une absence de deux ans due à des blessures, ressentez-vous une force collective accrue ?

After four years of living together, naturally, there is a collective experience. We all know each other, we know how things work. There is a core group of 60 players, we know where we are going, we all have the same idea, the same objective. We feel a calm and determined group. It was already the case two years ago.

Est-ce que l’enthousiasme du public est bénéfique dans ces matchs importants ?

It was amazing. On the bench or even during warm-up, you see all the fans jumping around like crazy, it’s insane. The atmosphere is insane. It’s the 16th man, it can change the game. We are grateful for all of this, so we want to share it with our supporters.

We must enjoy it, make use of it. We are fortunate to have our loved ones in the stadium, it’s all about good times. It should be an added strength, something that elevates us.

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Did this match have a special personal significance?

We quickly set aside personal feelings. The collective remains the main focus, it’s a cliché phrase but it’s true.

Quelles instructions avez-vous reçues lorsque vous êtes entré sur le terrain de jeu ?

At halftime, we receive some instructions, us, the finishers. Bringing maximum energy is a priority. We might be more clear-headed. It’s our responsibility to bring that extra something.

The last attempt is the perfect example. You scratch the ball, Lucu kicks it and Jaminet scores. A bench try!

It is evident that it is part of our job to bring a real added value. Melvyn arrives like a plane and scores, which is great. There is still a lot of work to be done. We remain humble.

Mes grattages ? On a bien défendu sur les extérieurs et on a eu une bonne comm’, tant mieux ! 

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