Coupe du monde de rugby 2023 : « Désobligeantes », « antisportives »… l’incroyable brouille entre la FFR et la Fédération de twirling bâton

l’essentiel Des propos du préparateur physique du XV de France, Thibault Giroud, ont poussé la FFR et son président Florian Grill à écrire une lettre d’excuse à la Fédération française sportive de twirling bâton

« I cannot reword. »

The comments that had caught attention and reached the ears of the French Twirling Baton Sports Federation (FFSTB). President Sylvie Bonnier reacted by publishing a right of reply on the FFSTB’s Facebook page on August 25th. « The motivation methods of the performance director within the French Rugby Federation are surprising, disrespectful, and unsportsmanlike. Associating rugby, twirling baton, and formaldehyde is incomprehensible as a training value for professional athletes!!! Such comments that denigrate another sport recognized by the Ministry of Sports, the CNOSF, and the ANS coming from a sports official are not worthy, » it is written.

Thibault Giroud a eu un propos « maladroit, mais qui ne se voulait pas infamant »

« Then, Mr. Giroud, roll up your sleeves, put on your cleats, tell your guys to surpass themselves, train relentlessly just like our athletes, and bring the World Cup back home soon, » concluded Sylvie Bonnier. These accusations have reached the offices of the French Rugby Federation (FFR). Florian Grill, the president, sent a letter on September 4th to the president of the FFSTB, who then promptly published the letter on the Federation’s Facebook account.

Please be assured that the French Rugby Federation regrets these exchanges, especially since rugby, like all sports related to the Olympics, values respect as a fundamental principle. All sports activities deserve it, » he apologizes, assuring that he understands this « legitimate reaction » from the French Baton Twirling Sports Federation. « Thibault Giroud, in the context of a long and challenging preparation for this major event, made an imaginative statement, albeit clumsy, but one that was not intended to be derogatory towards your sport, whose performances are undeniable. » This should put an end to the controversy.

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