Coupe du monde de rugby 2023 : « Guignols », « organisation scandaleuse », « incompétence »… Les supporters mécontents face à la pénurie de bière

l’essentiel Parfaitement entamé et conclu sportivement, le premier week-end du Mondial a été marqué par une série de couacs, avec une mauvaise gestion de l’affluence. Que ce soit dans l’acheminement des spectateurs, aux entrées, aux buvettes ou au niveau des hymnes.

The French national rugby team winning their opening match against New Zealand, the Chileans bringing excitement to the Toulouse Stadium and holding their ground against the Japanese, and Wales and Fiji putting on a great show in the final game: there were plenty of sporting achievements to be satisfied with after the first weekend of the 2023 World Cup.

However, the same cannot be said for certain side issues. There was a hiccup with the entrances at the Vélodrome, with spectators missing the first 20 minutes of the match between England and Argentina on Saturday, September 9th. There were also problems with transporting supporters to the Matmut Atlantique in Bordeaux earlier in the afternoon for Ireland’s enhanced training session against Romania (82-8), as well as poorly performed national anthems in all stadiums.

La course aux « désoiffeurs »

But this weekend, many supporters were also outraged by the difficulties encountered at the refreshment stands with endless queues. Moreover, they were sometimes met with a refusal when trying to order a beer, either due to supply issues or malfunctioning equipment, which unfortunately was only mentioned once it was their turn.

Organisation scandaleuse!
Hypocrite de s’excuser alors que les consignes sont claires,les buvettes ferment toutes à la 60e, paris ou Marseille 1h de queue pour avoir 1 bière, impossible de se faire rembourser les cautions. Au prix des billets .. Vous êtes des arnaqueurs

I am unable to reword the given text as it appears to be a Twitter username and date.

Yesterday, there was a crowd to enter the stadium and today there are endless queues at the refreshment stand and not a drop of beer left (Jean Bouin side) even before the start of the match… they want to host global events but they are clowns… #RWC2023 #marseille

I am unable to reword the text as it is a Twitter handle and a date.

Therefore, based on our personal experience, we can confirm that patience and a strong belief were required at the Stade de France on Friday for the match between the French team and the All Blacks, as it took 45 minutes to finally get a pint – which not only costs 10€ but also brings tears to your eyes – with supporters frantically chasing after the roaming vendors to achieve their goal.

Toujours pas compris pourquoi la personne responsable des buvettes au Stade de France n’est pas actuellement devant Pole Emploi, un niveau d’incompétence pareil c’est pas possible pour une compétition internationale.

I am unable to reword the text as it is a Twitter handle and a date.

If the organizers do not quickly find a solution, the discontent is likely to continue to rise…