Coupe du monde de rugby 2023 : « Je tombe à la renverse », Jean Dujardin réagit à la polémique sur la cérémonie d’ouverture

The actor, who was entrusted with the highly criticized opening ceremony of the Rugby World Cup in France, posted a lengthy message on social media on Thursday, September 14th.

« I never would have thought that my participation in the opening ceremony of the Rugby World Cup would trigger such a wave of political and media comments. Nearly a week after the World Cup’s opening at the Stade de France on Friday, September 8th, Jean Dujardin has responded to the controversy surrounding the ceremony he had designed. »

Through a lengthy post on the social media platform Instagram, the actor selected to create this opening show expressed his astonishment. « I am completely taken aback, » he wrote in the introduction.

« I have always enjoyed manipulating the second degree, but it was not understood. »

Before the opening match, France – New Zealand, the ceremony organized by Jean Dujardin depicted a representation of France in the 1950s, with berets, loaves of bread, and sepia images of Paris from that era. This artistic choice has sparked numerous negative reactions, with some criticizing it for evoking nostalgia associated with far-right parties.

« The outdated France of the 1950s? It was precisely in 1954 that France celebrated its first victory over the New Zealanders! », justifies the Oscar-winning actor. « The Stale France? » An opening ceremony is always the presentation to the rest of the world of the country where the celebrated event takes place. We are indeed also the country of berets, gastronomy, culture, education, despite what some may say… The irony that I have always enjoyed using was not understood and I regret it. »

« Le porte-drapeau d’aucun parti »

Jean Dujardin also denies any political message. « This ceremony should never have divided us but brought us together. I am an artist, I will not be the spokesperson for any party, » he writes.

In response to the numerous reactions, the actor of The Artist or OSS 117 defends himself by attacking. « We should have certainly remembered that our country is widely criticized for its controversial and grumpy nature, » he sarcastically remarks.

« I will let you settle your affairs among yourselves. I wanted this to be a ceremony of open-mindedness, sharing, and joy. I will hold onto this beautiful emotion. Go Blues, » concluded Jean Dujardin.

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