Coupe du monde de rugby : « C’était beau », « une chose classique », « un stade ne devrait pas faire ça »… les politiques sur les sifflets contre Macron

l’essentielDuring the opening speech of the 2023 Rugby World Cup match between France and New Zealand, some members of the audience at Stade de France booed French President Emmanuel Macron. This incident has sparked reactions from politicians across the political spectrum.

The sequence has caused a stir… The boos and whistles against President Emmanuel Macron before the opening match of the Rugby World Cup between France and New Zealand, seen by 15 million viewers, have been widely discussed in recent hours.

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In the Macronist camp, there was an attempt to downplay the beginning of the controversy that the president would rather do without. « I don’t make it a state affair, I also note that he was applauded by a portion of the audience at the end of his speech, » quickly dismissed Maud Bregeon, spokesperson for the Renaissance MPs, on France 2 the day after the match. Amélie Oudéa-Castéra explained to La Dépêche du Midi that « in stadiums, it has become a common thing. » According to the Minister of Sports, « it happened with François Hollande, with Nicolas Sarkozy. » « I mainly remember that he was very applauded at the end of his speech and that he immediately found the right words and was in communion with the Blues, » she concluded. Mathieu Lefèvre, a Renaissance deputy, considered that « a stadium should not do that. »

« We will never leave him alone. »

But it is in the Insoumis camp that we found the most delighted people by these whistles. Starting with Alexis Corbière, for whom the beginning of the World Cup « was not tainted (by the boos), it was magnified by that, it was beautiful ». For the elected native of Carmaux (Tarn), Thomas Portes, « to boo Macron is to boo a president who steals two years of life from the people and leaves millions of French people hungry. Bravo to the people! » Manuel Bompard, the coordinator of the party, did not miss the opportunity to comment on the sequence: « King Macron booed by the French people! We will never leave him alone! Go Les Bleus! ».

La cour macroniste ne supporte pas le peuple.
This president is disliked in the country.
Yesterday, the people strongly reminded him.
Whistling at Macron is equivalent to whistling at a president who steals two years of life from the people and leaves millions of French people hungry.
Congratulations to the people!

I am unable to reword the given text as it is a Twitter handle and a date.

Et à droite les réactions sont similaires : « Macron II : la fin d’une ère. La plus pure expression d’une nation épuisée », a notamment déclaré le député LR Yannick Neuder.

The president’s popularity is plummeting.

La cote de popularité d’Emmanuel Macron peine à remonter depuis ce mouvement social, qui avait généré une chute de plus de dix points entre décembre 2022 et avril 2023 selon l’institut Ifop/Fiducial. Par rapport à août, Emmanuel Macron perd début septembre deux points à 31% d’opinions favorables sur son action et se rapproche de son plus bas niveau (29%) atteint au printemps.

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