Coupe du monde de rugby : « J’ai rêvé », « Je ne peux pas le croire »… Une pancarte brandie dans les tribunes lors d’Afrique du Sud-Irlande a choqué

l’essentiel Springboks et Irlandais ont lutté, ce samedi 23 septembre sur la pelouse du Stade de France, pour le gain du choc de la poule B.

On the field, we witnessed a highly intense duel. The clash between South Africa and Ireland, on Saturday, September 23rd at the Stade de France, lived up to its promises in terms of intensity and ferocity, as it was indeed the clash of Group B.

A meeting that took place in a packed stadium in Saint-Denis. And during the meeting, in the second half, a sign held up in the stands and (unfortunately?) filmed by television cameras, shocked. Written on the piece of cardboard: « Go Jonny (sic) Sextoy ». An encouragement message, humorously diverted, some would say, addressed to the well-known Irish team fly-half Johnny Sexton. Definitely with an « n ».

« Allez Jonny Sextoy » ?? #AFSvIRL #RWC2023

— Le Stade (@LeStadeFR) September 23, 2023

As soon as the sign appeared on television screens, X was flooded with messages from internet users, both in English and French, who were very surprised and amused.

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« Did they really broadcast the sex toy poster during the national rugby match on TV? I love it! » jokes one internet user. « I’m sure I just saw someone in the crowd holding a sign that says ‘Go Johnny Sextoy’. I will never call Johnny Sexton by that name again! » exclaims another.

« Did the cameraman read the sign « Go Johnny SexToy » before deciding to zoom in on it? » wonders another person. Not sure, indeed.

they really aired the sextoy poster in this rugby match on national tv i love it

— mikayla. ⭔ (@mikaylamnesia) September 23, 2023

I believe I just witnessed someone in the crowd holding a sign that said: « Go Johnny Sextoy! » I will never refer to him as Johnny Sexton again. #RSAvIRE

— Clare ?? ????? (@cowboysgirl1975) September 23, 2023

Did the camera man read the Allez Johnny SexToy sign before he decided to zoom in on it? #RSAvIRE

— pour_some_sugar_on_me (@poursomesugar92) September 23, 2023

I dreamt or do I really have a sign that says « Go Jonny Sextoy » ?!?! ?@fflose #RSAvIRE

— Virgil Huby (@HubyVirgil) September 23, 2023

« allez johnny sextoy » c’est ma france ça #RSAvIRE

— hugo (@hugo_vtz) September 23, 2023

Sud-Africains et Irlandais ont livré une rencontre dense et très accrochée, dont l’issue a probablement déterminé l’adversaire de la France en quart de finale, qui devrait retrouver sur sa route, le 15 octobre prochain, la nation perdante de cet affrontement.

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