Courriers de la « honte » expédiés par le rectorat : « Samuel Paty », « regrets », « proche de Macron », l’ex-rectrice s’explique

The letter sent to the parents of 15-year-old Nicolas, who committed suicide after being a victim of bullying, has generated a lot of reactions.

The letter from the Versailles rectorate sent to the parents of young Nicolas, who ultimately committed suicide due to school bullying, was described as a « shame » by the Minister of Education, Gabriel Attal himself.

Several parents, including a father who had filed a complaint for sexual assault on his 11-year-old daughter at school, have received a similar letter, almost identical, still from the Versailles rectorate.

Charline Avenel était en poste comme rectrice de l’académie de Versailles au moment de l’envoi de ces courriers. Elle a décidé de s’expliquer dans les colonnes de nos confrères du Parisien. Elle n’est plus en poste depuis le mois de juillet.

Des excuses et des regrets

The former headmistress expresses her complete outrage regarding this matter. She sincerely apologizes to the parents. She explains that she finds it « unacceptable » that Nicolas’ family could have received such a letter and admits to being deeply shaken and devastated.

Protection des enseignants

The former rector explains that this type of correspondence is written and signed by the human resources department, not by the rector, as soon as a request for functional protection is received. This means that when parents even threaten a member of the Academy, functional protection is put in place for the teacher.

In the case of Nicolas’ parents, a functional protection had been triggered due to a threat of complaint. Among the support provided under this protection is legal assistance, as well as a letter of reprimand addressed to the parents. This latter letter has been sent. She had also approved the principle of sending these letters in case of a teacher’s threat.

« I cannot reword »

Same promotion as Emmanuel Macron.

In this interview, Charline Avenel reveals that she is the target of numerous threats and also that she is referred to as « close to Macron ». To this, she states: « We were in the same class at Ena, but we are not close. »

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