Dans les rangs de Colomiers, la lourde défaite à Dax suscite un sentiment de honte.

l’essentielColomiers suffered a heavy defeat on Wednesday evening against the newly promoted Dax team (25-6). It was a tough loss for the team from Haute-Garonne.

For this fifth match of the season, Colomiers (6th) traveled to the newly promoted Dax team (15th), which has shown improvement in the past two matches. Despite fielding a young and revamped team, Colomiers had high ambitions. However, they were taken by surprise by Dax’s near-perfect start to the match.

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With commitment and conviction, the people from Dax managed to outsmart the teammates of Captain Coletta by scoring 17 points in 17 minutes. Effective in defense, perfectly managing the alternation of camp exits and putting pressure on the Colomiers pack in offensive and defensive mauls, the people from Dax surpassed the team led by the former Dax player. « After this match, a feeling of shame dominates. The people from Dax did whatever they wanted! »

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The captain of Columérin, who played with a broken hand, used very harsh words, contrasting with the smiles on the faces of the brave Landais. Just like the double by the young center Bastien Daguerre (21 years old), this Dax team has achieved one of those benchmark matches that builds collective confidence, which is so precious to exist in this championship. « We finish this block in the worst possible way and we will have to bounce back. When we look at our recent matches and the results of the promoted teams, we realize that today, we are not at the level! » concluded the experienced flanker angrily…

La fiche technique

Dax 25 – Colomiers 6

MT : 17-3 ; Arbitre : M. Lasausa (Nouvelle Aquitaine)
Winner: 3E Oltmann (3rd), Daguerre (9th, 66th), 2T Seguy (9th) 2P Seguy (5th, 27th)
Vaincus : 2P Girard (39e, 50e)
DAX : Duprat (Cerisier 64e) – Oltmann (Naseara 41e), Daguerre, Bolakoro, Gatelier – (o) Seguy, (m), Reteau (Garrouteigt 47e) – Aletti (cap) (Barrère 76e), Ferrer, Barrère (Trémeau 54e) – Luamanu (Singer 52e), Furno – Leatigaga (Lolohea 45e), Delonca (Hiriart-Urruty 45e), Mary (Faitotoa 45e).
COLOMIERS : Girard (Pacome 62e) – Dulon, Perrin, Serrano (Laborde 75e), Laborde (Salles 49e)- (o) Herron, (m) Galthié (Séguéla 54e) – Coletta (cap) (Lescure 40e), Parpagiola, Harley – Roux (Thomas 66e), Thomas (Descoux 49e) – Fepulea’i (Simutoga 49e), Larrieu (Tartas 65e), Pacheco (Pirlet 49e)