de Labastide-Saint-Pierre. Les principales questions abordées lors de la réunion du conseil étaient les suivantes.

l’essentielThe municipality will have to reconcile several crucial issues for the future of the territory and major achievements.

The elected officials of Labastide-Saint-Pierre have returned to the town council chamber for the first session of the year, which already seemed to set the stage for the upcoming events that will shape the coming months. On this occasion, Mayor Jérôme Beq shared some current information with the council members at the opening of the session. This year, municipal life will be marked by the major construction project of a new school group, which will accordingly change the lives of children and the habits of families. After the demolition of part of the buildings, the groundwork has been done and the first stones of the construction will be laid in October. For the municipal team, the choice is clearly assumed. « Financially speaking, this project is the most important ever undertaken by the municipality, taking into account the cost of demolition and the necessary studies for its feasibility, » said the local officials. Indeed, the total cost of the work amounts to 11 million euros. Then, during the session, the officials narrowed down the financing arrangements for school transportation expenses and proceeded with the renewal of the electoral lists control commission by designating its members.

Maison de retraite

After discussing some recruitment questions regarding a new chef at the school, the council approved the report on the price and quality of the public sanitation service and finalized the transfer of a plot of land to the French Mutualité of Tarn-et-Garonne for the construction of a residence for elderly people. This is a major project for the future of the village, enhancing the well-being of different generations. Finally, during this first session of the year marked by several absences, local elected officials addressed intermunicipal issues with the approval of the annual report for non-collective sanitation services, before delving into matters related to funding for the settlement of sedentary travelers in the commune of Labastide-Saint-Pierre. This sets the tone for a new year that already marks the beginning of the second part of their term, three years after the team’s election.