[DIRECT] DIRECT. Emmanuel Macron au 20 Heures : inflation, écologie, immigration… suivez l’interview du président de la République

He had not addressed the French since this summer. And now Emmanuel Macron is going to engage in the exercise of the interview, at the very moment when the results of the senatorial elections are to be announced. This Sunday, September 24, the head of state is therefore invited to the 8 p.m. news on TF1 and France 2. Live from the Élysée, he is expected to reflect on a « historic » week during which the president received the British monarch Charles III as well as Pope Francis, in the midst of the Rugby World Cup.

The head of state should also address important topics this fall, such as inflation, purchasing power, ecology, and immigration. La Dépêche du Midi offers you the opportunity to follow the event live.

« Une capacité à accueillir »

« I would like to start this interview by congratulating the French, » the president mentions when talking about the reception of the Rugby World Cup and the Pope. Because there are few countries that can accomplish challenges of this nature. This Saturday, we mobilized 100,000 police officers and gendarmes. »

The interview begins, the president speaks to the French people.

DECRYPTAGE. Elections sénatoriales : pourquoi le scrutin de dimanche est capital pour Emmanuel Macron

For the past year, the majority of Macon supporters have been increasingly relying on the Senate, which is dominated by the right-wing. Therefore, Sunday’s elections are of major importance as they could determine the course of the President’s five-year term. Explanation.

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What will Macron say on Sunday evening at the 8 PM news regarding ecology, inflation, and migrants?

Emmanuel Macron est l’invité dimanche des journaux de 20H00 de TF1 et France 2 pour tenter de tirer profit des visites de Charles III et du pape François en France, mais il sera aussi attendu sur les défis de la rentrée, de l’inflation à l’immigration.

Can you rephrase the following text: « Écologie, inflation, migrants : que va dire Macron dimanche soir au JT de 20 heures ? »

Hello and welcome to this live broadcast.

La Dépêche du Midi vous propose de suivre l’interview du président au 20 Heures de TF1 et de France 2 dans ce direct.

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