[DIRECT] LIVE. England vs Japan: The English team aims to continue their winning streak! Follow the live coverage of the World Cup match.

l’essentielThe players of the England rugby team, who were considered to be in a weak position, emerged victorious in their first match against the Argentinians. On Sunday, September 17th in Nice, the team hopes to continue their winning streak against the Japanese team, who also won their first game.

Two teams that won their first matches in this World Cup. On the first day, the English, who have been very shaky for many weeks, almost surprised by defeating the Argentinians (27-10). The Japanese, on the other hand, had a slightly easier task, facing the Chileans whom they dominated in Toulouse (42-12). This Sunday, September 17th in Nice, these two teams will meet again.

« I cannot reword »

The English, on the other hand, have gone from zeros to heroes in just one week. They could already secure a spot in the quarter-finals with a win.

England-Japan, kick-off at 9pm.