Earthquake in Morocco: France is ready to provide assistance when the authorities deem it necessary.

l’essentielEmmanuel Macron has just declared that France is ready to « intervene » to assist the country following the earthquake that struck Morocco on Friday night.

France is ready to « intervene » to help Morocco, which has been hit by a deadly earthquake that has claimed at least 2000 lives, said French President Emmanuel Macron on Sunday. « We have mobilized all technical and security teams to be able to intervene when the Moroccan authorities deem it necessary, » said the head of state during a press conference held after the G20 summit in New Delhi, describing the earthquake as a « tragedy that affects us all. »

The French president stated: « This morning, we have mobilized the World Bank, the IMF, the European Union, and the African Union to join France in demonstrating a strong commitment to supporting Morocco and the Moroccan people in terms of reconstruction and financial assistance in this context. »

The earthquake that occurred on Friday night into Saturday, with a magnitude of 7 according to the Moroccan Center for Scientific and Technical Research (6.8 according to the US seismological service), is the strongest ever recorded in Morocco. It has caused at least 2012 deaths and 2,059 injuries, with 1,404 in a critical condition, as announced by the Moroccan Ministry of Interior on Saturday night.