Edouard Philippe jokingly comments on his illness, saying that eyebrows serve to attract attention when they fall.

On Sunday, September 10th, former Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, who is rumored to be a candidate in 2027, will be the guest on the TV show 7 à 8 on TF1.

Édouard Philippe has not said his final word. Invited on Sunday, September 10th, to the Sept à Huit program on TF1, the former Prime Minister of Emmanuel Macron, considered as a potential candidate for the position of President of the Republic. He was asked about political and current affairs, as well as his health and autoimmune diseases, including alopecia which caused the loss of his hair and eyebrows.

I remained calm instead.

During his visit to New Caledonia in July 2023, Emmanuel Macron did not rule out the possibility of handing over the reins to Edouard Philippe, considering him as a friend who had done well by his side.

Regarding Edouard Philippe’s ability to take on such responsibilities, he has no doubt and assures that his health is « excellent. » He responds to those who believe that his hair loss is a reaction to stress by saying, « I have experienced stressful periods at Matignon, and I have seen people who did not handle stress well. They may still have their hair, but they did not handle the stress well at the time. I feel that I have kept my composure. » He explains this in the excerpt released prior to the X program, formerly known as Twitter.

« What is the purpose of eyebrows? »

This is not the first time that Edouard Philippe has commented on his physical appearance, and he always does it with a certain distance and humor. « I often say that I have long wondered what eyebrows are for. Obviously, they serve to draw attention when they fall. It definitely changes your face. At first, it surprised me, » explains the founder of the Horizons party.

« I cannot reword »