Education: Gabriel Attal, nouveau coupable idéal des insoumis

Les faits –

On Tuesday, during their weekly press conference, the members of La France insoumise criticized Gabriel Attal and his decision to ban the wearing of the abaya to ensure secularism in schools. They presented a proposed law intended to address the urgent issues of the back-to-school season, which once again is marked by recruitment difficulties and the use of contract teachers.

It has become a back-to-school ritual for the deputies of La France Insoumise. First, waiting for the promise of the current Minister of Education, regardless of their political inclination — « there will be a teacher in front of every class. » Then, as the start of classes approaches, realizing that the promise has not been fulfilled: there were 4,000 teachers missing during Pap Ndiaye’s first and last back-to-school in 2022, and this year there are 3,000 absent from classrooms in mid-September. This is the moment chosen by Paul Vannier, the « education guy » of LFI, to cry out against the « governmental lie » and propose a counter-law based on Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s presidential program.