Egalité femmes-hommes: la Cour des comptes note des «avancées limitées» et l’absence de «stratégie globale»

The observation appears overwhelming. Despite the government’s efforts since 2017, a « undeniable mobilization » noted by the Court of Auditors in a report released on Thursday, September 14th, the policy of gender equality has only experienced « limited progress ». This includes the fight for gender equality in the workplace as well as combating domestic violence.

The reason? « Method errors, » regardless of the definition as a « national priority »: the institution thus highlights the lack of a « comprehensive strategy » and « effective management. » The authors of the report lament that the « diversity » of strategic plans has not been channeled into a « single roadmap » that would have been overseen at an interministerial level.

« Lacunas ». The financial jurisdiction also observes « deficiencies in the design of the measures themselves ». These are not « based on a precise diagnosis of the situations and needs » and « have not been accompanied by resources, implementation timelines, result indicators, or targets, making their evaluation impossible. »

After the observation, the Court of Auditors makes its recommendations for the development of gender equality policy. It is thus recommended to the government to build a « measurable and evaluable roadmap », with clearly budgeted resources, including « targets », agenda, and « interministerial monitoring calendar ». The design of an « interministerial program for evaluating actions » is also recommended by the Sages of rue Cambon.