Elections européennes: Cécile Duflot, Benoît Hamon… Ces noms que les Jeunes de la Nupes agitent comme une menace

Les faits –

The young rebellious, ecologists, and socialists have invited the leaders of the Nupes parties, as well as « the leaders or designated or potential candidates » for the European elections, to discuss a « common program » on October 2nd. While Olivier Faure (PS) and Marine Tondelier (EELV) have accepted this meeting, they do not intend to restart the unity saga. The leader of the Young Rebels, Aurélien Le Coq, is threatening a rival list for June 2024, with young people from Nupes supported by former heavyweights of the left.

Have the arguments in favor of a left-wing union list for the European elections on June 9, 2024 not convinced? Does the dramatization of the stakes involved in standing united against the possibility of an extreme right victory not suffice for them? For the most determined faction of young Nupes, represented by the Jeunes Insoumis, there is nothing stopping them from maintaining pressure on the leaders of left-wing parties who have already chosen autonomy. And it doesn’t matter if the national secretary of EELV, Marine Tondelier, and the first secretary of the PS, Olivier Faure, are obliged to respect internal balances within their camp. « We don’t have to endure internal squabbles. Petty battles are not up to the political moment, » considers the leader of the Insoumis in the European Parliament, Manon Aubry.

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