en espérant.

The municipal council of Lamagdelaine met on Tuesday, August 29 under the presidency of Mayor Véronique Arnaudet. The only item on the agenda was a deliberation regarding the creation of a temporary position for temporary increase in activity. Following the decision to temporarily open a third class at the Lamagdelaine school and in order to strengthen the team of municipal staff in the cafeteria, a temporary position will be created for the 2023-2024 school year; decision unanimously voted for.

In the miscellaneous information, Véronique Arnaudet informed the council that the public inquiry on the intermunicipal urban development plan was available for consultation on the Grand Cahors website (wwwcahorsagglo.fr). The lower apartment of the presbytery has a new tenant. Various works have been carried out on a section of the school building’s roof as well as on a portion of the stadium lawn. Changes to the door frames and painting will soon be undertaken at the community hall.