Eric Dupond-Moretti sera jugé en novembre pour des conflits d’intérêts.

l’essentiel Le garde des sceaux Eric Dupond-Moretti sera jugé pour des soupçons de prise illégale d’intérêts du 6 au 17 novembre prochain, devant la Cour de justice de la Républiqe (CJR). 

In the case of Eric Dupond-Moretti’s illegal conflict of interest, the Minister of Justice is accused of using his position to settle scores with judges he had a dispute with when he was a lawyer. The eight appeals filed by the Minister have been rejected, so Eric Dupond-Moretti will appear before the Court of Justice of the Republic (CJR), the authority responsible for judging government members.

Méthodes de cow-boy

In this ongoing legal investigation that began in early 2021, the first case involves the administrative inquiry ordered in September 2020 against three magistrates from the National Financial Prosecutor’s Office (PNF). They had examined detailed telephone bills (fadettes) when Eric Dupond-Moretti was still a renowned lawyer, with the aim of uncovering a possible mole who may have informed former President Nicolas Sarkozy that he was under surveillance in the corruption case known as « Paul Bismuth ».

The second file relates to the administrative investigation against a former investigating judge detached to Monaco, Edouard Levrault, who had indicted one of his clients when Eric Dupond-Moretti was a lawyer. At that time, Dupond-Moretti had criticized the « cowboy » methods used.

The minister had stated that he was « confidently looking forward to appearing before » the CJR. His two lawyers had supported that the future hearing would « highlight the absence of any conflict of interest in this case ». If he is found guilty of illegal conflict of interest, the future of the former lawyer leading the Ministry of Justice will be compromised.