Eric Dupond-Moretti will provide an explanation before the Court of Justice of the Republic in November.

Will the Republic stop turning from November 6th to 17th? During these ten days, Eric Dupond-Moretti will appear before the Court of Justice of the Republic (CJR) for « illegal conflict of interest ». Obviously, the poster is unprecedented: a sitting minister, moreover the Minister of Justice, judged by three professional magistrates and twelve parliamentarians. His criminal liability called into question in the exercise of his duties. His opponents will have a clear path ahead of them to repeat that, indeed, the former lawyer had no place in Place Vendôme, that his appointment by Emmanuel Macron was a casting mistake, worse, a gesture of disrespect to the entire judiciary. His defenders – Me Jacqueline Laffont and Rémi Lorrain – will argue that the attack against their client was political from the start, led by two magistrates’ unions and the Anticor association.

Only those who follow the hearing will delve into the intricacies of the National Financial Prosecutor’s Office and the fadettes affair or Judge Levrault’s actions in Monaco. The French have long lost sight of the intricacies of the case. Blurry images remain: a Minister of Justice under investigation, but supported by Emmanuel Macron, a hint of settling scores between judges and politicians…

The CJR, itself an unsteady institution since its creation in 1993, is prone to suspicions of favoritism. Since his appointment in July 2020, Eric Dupond-Moretti has earned his reputation as a influential minister, capable of securing substantial budgets and showing political acumen when the executive’s compass was in turmoil during the riots. When he urges parents of the youth on the streets to « control their kids, » he gains points and connects with the French people.

« Il ne sera pas suffisant de s’emporter en novembre prochain lorsqu’on évoque l’affaire, afin de savoir si j’ai pris de l’argent de la caisse ou non. »

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