Fabien Roussel comparé au collaborationniste Doriot: Mathilde Panot «ne condamne pas» les propos de Sophia Chikirou

Tension remains high within the Nupes following the comparison made by LFI deputy Sophia Chikirou, who draws a parallel between Fabien Roussel and collaborationist Jacques Doriot. « I do not condemn Chikirou’s remarks, I simply state that Fabien Roussel is not Jacques Doriot, » said Mathilde Panot, president of the LFI group in the National Assembly, on Saturday, September 23, on franceinfo.

Pour rappel, Jacques Doriot avait été exclu du Parti communiste français (PCF) en 1936 ; il avait ensuite fondé le Parti populaire français, fasciste et collaborationniste. Pendant la Seconde Guerre mondiale, de nombreux communistes s’étaient, eux, engagés contre le nazisme, notamment au sein de la Résistance.

To justify her statement, the leader of the LFI deputies mentions « very worrying excesses » of the national secretary of the French Communist Party. « When Fabien Roussel talks about borders that are like sieves, when he talks about the ‘France of benefits’, I am concerned about statements that validate right-wing or even far-right ideas, » she explains, asserting, « He must choose his side. »

« Serious. » Mathilde Panot appears to see herself as a sentinel. « I believe it is our role to raise awareness about deviations. And to be careful that things do not slip, » she stated on franceinfo, while also calling for unity for the 2024 European elections: « What we want to emphasize is that if the Nupes were united, they would defeat Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen in the upcoming elections. »

On the other hand, Fabien Roussel responded on Thursday, September 21st on franceinfo, calling for « respect and dialogue » so that « the left can win and prevail. » He stated, « It’s serious, it’s a call for hatred. I ask them to consider the dangerousness of their words » regarding the comparison with Jacques Doriot. « And to attack a leader of the PCF like that, knowing our commitment during the war, in the Resistance, against Nazism, is extremely serious, disrespectful, and it deeply offends many communists and many left-wing leaders, » he added.

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