Fabien Roussel et François Ruffin, leurs étoiles contraires

Les faits –

Fabien Roussel and François Ruffin are engaged in a battle on the same ground. Both address the working class morning, noon, and night. Both aim to break through the glass ceiling of radicalism desired by Jean-Luc Mélenchon. However, their strategies to win back left-wing voters differ: while the communist saturates the bandwidth by invoking the memory of the Yellow Vests, the elected representative from Amiens quietly prepares for 2027. The two men will meet on Saturday at the festival of Humanity.

Fabien Roussel has seemingly discovered a rebellious side? « We have invaded the headquarters of Medef dozens of times, and it has always gone well. A coup d’etat is not happening anytime soon, » relativizes the spokesperson of the PCF, Ian Brossat, amused by his boss’s statement in L’Humanité. Fabien Roussel calls on the French to « invade gas stations, supermarkets, and prefectures. » A reflex of « legitimate defense » against the « insignificant measures » of a government « incapable of fighting inflation, » according to him.

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