formule : victime d’un violent accident en qualifications, Lance Stroll déclare forfait pour le GP de Singapour

The Canadian pilot emerged unharmed from his accident. Not his car…

Le Canadien Lance Stroll ne prendra pas le départ du Grand Prix de Singapour de Formule 1 dimanche, après sa violente sortie de piste lors des qualifications la veille, a annoncé son écurie Aston Martin.

« The team had to deal with a tremendous amount of car repairs today, and Lance is still sore after such an impact, » explained the British team in a statement.

He came out of the accident unharmed.

On Saturday, during his final fast lap to secure a spot in the Top 15, which guarantees advancement to Q2 – the second part of the qualifying session – Stroll violently collided with a wall at full speed, causing significant damage to the front left of his car before coming to a halt in the middle of the track.

The 24-year-old driver, who narrowly avoided being hit by Lando Norris’ McLaren behind him, emerged unharmed from his single-seater but still went to the medical center after the accident. The doctors declared him fit to drive on Sunday.

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