Forum sport-santé à Angoulême : un week-end pour trouver son sport idéal

1. Occuper les tout-petits-petits

Finding a club to enroll a 2 or 3-year-old child is not easy. In the city, only around ten clubs offer suitable sessions. For animal lovers, the choice is simple: horse riding. « It’s possible…

1. Occuper les tout-petits-petits

It is not easy to find a club to enroll a 2 or 3-year-old child. In the city, only about ten offer suitable sessions. For animal lovers, the choice is simple, horse riding. « It is possible from the age of 2. Often parents complain that there is nothing before 4 or 5 years old. With us, there are ponies, » says Delphine Valer, horse riding instructor at the equestrian center in Angoulême (UCPA). Every Saturday, thirty minutes allow 2-3-year-olds to let off steam. On Wednesdays, it’s the turn of 3 to 5-year-olds from 4:30 pm to 5:15 pm. In this back-to-school week, there were three of them, including Nicolas, who is only 2 and a half years old, riding a Shetland pony. With Delphine, there are no wild activities. Brushing, a ride, games at the stable, and a little trotting. A high budget should be expected. For 18 sessions, expect €280. €465 for 36 sessions.

Le groupe des petits peut accueillir jusqu’à 10 enfants.
The small group can accommodate a maximum of 10 children.

Photo Renaud Joubert

For the more sociable individuals, several team sports clubs open their fields from the age of 3. Baby-hand is often well-known with ACH and Saint-Yrieix. Basketball is also available in Soyaux. More surprisingly, rugby is offered by La Couronne and SA XV. Obviously, scrums are not planned. Mini-budget for mini-players.

If your little one is a daredevil, always running around the house without getting hurt, you have three options: gymnastics (Ancienne et Espérance Angoulême and JSA Gym starting from 2 years old), judo (Ruelle starting from 3 years old), or roller skating at Stars Rollers d’Angoulême (starting from 3 years old).

2. Les sportifs pas comme tout le monde

², les joueurs s’entraînent avec acharnement pour perfectionner leurs compétences. Le baby-foot est pris très au sérieux dans ces clubs, ce n’est pas simplement un passe-temps de bar.2There are 15 of them, « as many competitors as there are leisure activities. » Required qualities: being over 1m40, « dexterity, technique, physical condition. »

Technology also supports the forum. Although not very large, with only four licensed members, the FPV Charente drone club hopes to expand its ranks. « From piloting to construction to configuration, one must be a bit of a jack-of-all-trades with us, » explains President Bruno Grosy. Training takes place indoors on Wednesdays and sometimes outdoors on Sundays, with opportunities for practice on simulators or in real life, catering to all preferences. Accessible from the age of 7. The key characteristics required are « patience, dexterity, and being meticulous. »

Le club fournit les drones lors de l’essai.
The club supplies the drones during the trial.

Photo Renaud JOUBERT

Je ne peux pas reformuler ce texte car il n’y a pas suffisamment d’informations fournies.

Charente: des drones à fond les manettes

Charente: des drones à fond les manettes

Three people from Charente have established an association for competitive drone pilots. Open doors on Sunday. They are relying on the youth to take up the challenge, with a renowned champion as their ambassador.

3. Pour ceux qui travaillent tard ou tôt

Are you finishing after 8pm? You will need to find another excuse to avoid sports. Whether it’s handball (Gond-Pontouvre, Saint-Yrieix), basketball (Angoulême Basket Club), diving (Ruelle), yoga (expression 16 in Saint-Yrieix), volleyball (Champniers), swimming (ANC Angoulême), street jazz (at the Soyaux Urban Section dance school), many clubs strive to offer late time slots, especially for recreational players who want to play once a week, regardless of their skill level.

The foosball table has nothing to do with the bar, where we play a match and have a half pint.

To relive your childhood, we also recommend roller skating. The Fox Roller club offers initiation sessions on Wednesdays starting at 8:30 pm and « roller family » sessions on Fridays from 8 to 10 pm, where both children and parents can participate. Thrilling experiences are guaranteed. According to President Benoît Fiché, the required qualities are « fearlessness and a love for gliding. »

La rédaction vous conseille

For early risers or those who want to take advantage of their lunch break to unwind, the options are limited. We mainly focus on combat sports and fitness centers. You can choose between ju-jitsu at the Pythagore Academy from 7:15 am to 8:30 am, or So’fight gym which offers private classes starting at 6:45 am every day. It’s better to be well awake.

Le 14e forum en pratique

Throughout the weekend, the 142 invited associations will offer meetings, initiations, and demonstrations. And it won’t just be about sports. The Isis Garden, the Companions of Vegetation, the League for Bird Protection, and even more surprisingly, the Hunting Federation will be there. The Angoulême University Hospital will also come for the first time to « inform and raise awareness about the benefits of sports and the necessity of a healthy environment ». Last year, nearly 13,000 people took advantage of the exhibition.
Admission is free. From 10am to 7pm on Saturday, September 9th, and from 10am to 6pm on Sunday, September 10th, at the Carat Space in L’Isle-d’Espagnac.