Frontignan a réussi sa mission en handball en se faisant respecter à domicile.

Le FTHB a réussi son entame de championnat, ce samedi 9 spetembre, en s’imposant 28-24 face à de rudes Valentinois.

The FTHB had their first championship match and emerged victorious, although it was not an easy game for them on Saturday evening at home against a determined Valence team, with Soutarson performing exceptionally well.

This evening started off a bit difficult for the Frontignan players, who were struggling offensively. The situation was finally resolved by Alexandre’s aggressiveness, which resulted in a penalty converted by Camara after five minutes of play (1-1). Camara then went on to score with a counter-attack, followed by another goal conceded (!), and finally a goal from his wing (4-2). On the visitors’ side, the reaction came from Fofana, but Camara kept his team in the lead (8-7).

Leon pousse la clim

The turning point of this first period came five minutes before the break. Leon aggressively pushed the air conditioning to the maximum in Ferrari, causing Grudijic to cool off for two minutes on the bench due to the intense heat. Mesnard made numerous saves in goal, and after a penalty by Camara, the score became 13-8. Then, with Leon blocking a shot from Frechou and subsequently causing a penalty for Camara (and later forcing Frechou to leave the game, adding to the tension).

After the break (15-9), Valence clearly showed their intention not to settle there. Especially Soutarson, who scored three goals to close the gap to 18-13, and then two more to come back within four points (22-18).

Petit frisson

The atmosphere was becoming increasingly heavy. Almost suffocating when Kerdudo made a stop and immediately scored in Frontignan’s empty goal (23-20). The visitors closed the gap and even added tension with Grujicic, Fofana, and Soutarson finding their way to a score of 25-23.

However, this was their last chance to believe in it. Because, in a heated atmosphere, Isnard and Minne increased the distance (27-23). The gap was made and Isnard could close the lid, before an interception by Alexandre ended all suspense (28-24).

It was tough, but the audience from Frontignan got their money’s worth once again.

La fiche technique

► FRONTIGNAN…………..28
► VALENCE…………………25

Salle Henri-Ferrari.
Mi-temps : 15-9.
Arbitres : MMes Duée et Leclercq
Spectateurs : 650 environ.

FRONTIGNAN : Mesnard (14 arrêts sur 39 tirs). Camara (10 buts sur 11 tirs, dont 4 penaltys), Isnard (4/5), Leon (2/2), Laurens (1/1), Canton (1/1), Tesio (2/4), Minne (3/6), Alexandre (1/1), Gaillard (2/2), Bellahcene (2/2).
Deux minutes à : Isnard (32e), Leon (50e).

VALENCE : Kerdudo (12 arrêts sur 36 tirs), Bousquet (2 arrêts sur 6 tirs). Reuillard (3 buts sur 3 tirs, dont 1 pen), Butto (2/3, dont 1 pen), Mouillon (2/2), Bertini (2/3), Fofana (6/9), Soutarson (9/11), Grujicic (1/1).
Deux minutes à : Eudaric (17e), Reuillard (22e), Grujicic (25e), Frechou (30e), Mouillon (42 et 49e).

Évolution du score : 4-2, 8-7, 14-8, 18-13, 22-18, 23-20, 25-23, 28-24.

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