Gérald Darmanin warns: « the terrorist threat remains very high in France »

On the set of « Quelle époque! » on France 2, the Minister of Interior stated that the international situation can increase the risk of terrorist attacks planned from abroad.

« Il y a de l’inquiétude. » The Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, discussed the risks of terrorist attacks in France as a guest on the show « Quelle époque ! » hosted by Léa Salamé on France 2.

According to the top police officer in France, the terrorist threat remains « very high ». It may have even intensified due to the international context. « For a long time, we believed that attacks like the one at the Bataclan could no longer happen. However, what is happening in Afghanistan, the Levant, and Africa is providing resources and means to create a projected threat, » explained the minister, assuring that their services are preparing for such threats.

Un attentat déjoué tous les deux mois

However, Gérald Darmanin believes that the main risk remains an endogenous attack, meaning the act of a radicalized individual acting alone. « 5,800 individuals are listed in the Ministry of Interior’s database and some of them may carry out an attack. » Furthermore, he added, « we thwart an attack every two months. »

The Minister of Interior also mentioned the threat of the far right, which consists of « a few dozen » individuals who are « supremacists and accelerationists ».