Harcèlement scolaire : Gabriel Attal prépare un questionnaire pour repérer les « signaux faibles » d’abus entre élèves

On Tuesday, September 12, 2023, during an M6 debate, Gabriel Attal, the Minister of Education, announced that he was working on a self-assessment questionnaire to identify the « subtle signs » of bullying among students.

This is one of the government’s priorities for this school year. In order to enhance the fight against school bullying, Education Minister Gabriel Attal announced on Tuesday, September 12th, that he would be « working with experts on a self-assessment questionnaire that could be offered to all students. »

Gabriel Attal souhaite que les parents participent activement.

During a debate aired on M6 and later broadcasted by RTL, Gabriel Attal stated: « We need to be much more capable of detecting weak signals. I would like us to establish a system where all students self-assess whether they are being harassed or not. »

The minister also stated that he wanted the representatives of parents to receive « more extensive training on these issues of harassment. » As reported by TF1 Info, the minister’s entourage explains: « They are also the interlocutors of other parents, families. Training them on these issues makes sense. »

« I cannot reword »

While an interministerial plan will be presented on September 25th, the minister also announced that he wanted to « educate about the absence of violence and aggression in relationships with others », particularly by creating « more dedicated time, starting from primary school », according to his entourage’s statement to AFP, as reported by Le Figaro.

Pour rappel, les suicides de Lindsay 13 ans, en mai dernier dans le Nord-Pas-de-Calais et de Nicolas 15 ans, retrouvé pendu à son domicile de Poissy dans les Yvelines la semaine dernière, avaient provoqué l’émotion et remis la lutte contre le harcèlement en première ligne pour cette rentrée scolaire.

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