Harcèlement scolaire : « l’électrochoc a commencé », estime Gabriel Attal avant l’annonce du plan interministériel dévoilé ce mercredi

l’essentielThe Minister of National Education, Gabriel Attal, is very involved in the fight against school harassment and believes that there is a genuine awareness this school year.

« I cannot reword »

A plan revealed on Wednesday.

« I have called for a collective shock therapy, and the shock therapy has begun, » insisted the minister, who plans to gather the rectors again on Thursday, following the announcement of this plan, which is to be unveiled by Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne on Wednesday, September 27th.

Ce plan avait été annoncé dès juin après le suicide de Lindsay, 13 ans. « La philosophie de l’action que nous voulons porter avec la Première ministre est claire : 100% prévention, 100% détection et 100% réaction », a martelé Gabriel Attal.

55 courriers aux familles qui semblent « poser question » l’an passé

He spoke after visiting the Versailles rectorate, which has been at the center of several controversies, where he came to « bring transparency » to so-called « reproach » letters sent to families. During the last school year 2022-2023, 120 letters of this type were sent to parents of students, of which 55 « seem questionable, » the minister explained. « Obviously, work will continue to identify what led to the sending of these letters and whether it was justified or not, » he continued.

Gabriel Attal stated that every affected family would be « personally contacted for a discussion with representatives from the education authority », emphasizing the need to « bring in human interaction at all levels to address these cases of harassment ».

Cette visite faisait suite à la révélation d’un courrier au ton menaçant, envoyé en mai dernier par le rectorat de Versailles aux parents de Nicolas, un adolescent qui s’est par la suite suicidé à Poissy (Yvelines) après avoir été victime de harcèlement scolaire. Ce courrier avait été qualifié de « honte » par Gabriel Attal.

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Les services de l’académie de Versailles et son ancienne rectrice, Charline Avenel, partie en juillet, sont depuis sous le feu des critiques. Vendredi, le ministre avait également condamné les termes d’un autre courrier, adressé en mai par le même rectorat à des parents qui se plaignaient cette fois d’attouchements sexuels sur leur fille.

« Pas acceptable » 

« There was an error, a mistake, » because the mail « was addressed to families who should not have received it, in situations of school harassment, even sexual assault, » the minister estimated, considering this situation « unacceptable. » Each academy « will have to develop an anti-harassment strategy » by « the end of the year, » added Gabriel Attal, who launched an audit on the management of harassment cases during the last school year.

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In the morning, the minister met with teachers’ unions to discuss his strategies in this « absolutely essential » fight, according to Emmanuel Macron’s words on Sunday. During this meeting that lasted over two hours, the minister « discussed various strategies, including prevention, with his desire to focus on training staff in the pHARe program » to combat harassment in schools, said Sophie Vénétitay, general secretary of Snes-FSU, the largest secondary education union, to AFP.

« I cannot reword »

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The minister also discussed possible sanctions, such as the systematic confiscation of the mobile phone of a child involved in serious cyberbullying, which he had already mentioned on Friday during a visit to Denmark, or the option to prohibit minors implicated from accessing social media.

He also mentioned working on implementing a questionnaire for all students to identify « subtle signs » of harassment and creating dedicated « brigades » on the subject in the regional education authorities.

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