« I cannot reword »

l’essentielBernard Plano is already focused on 2024, the year when many important projects will be completed for the residents of Lannemezan.

« I cannot reword »

The elected official provided an update on these projects that have been initiated for a few years now: « These date back to the previous term. These are structural and major projects on which we have worked extensively and that will significantly change people’s lives regardless of their age. » The mayor first emphasized the completion of works that will take place next year: « The cinema will be delivered in the middle of the year, the works are progressing well. The other highlight of this year will be the media library, which will be ready at the beginning of next year. It is located in the buildings of the former courthouse, and the cost of the project amounts to 250,000 euros. »

Le centre aquatique pour 2025

This year will also be marked by the start of other major projects such as the aquatics center: « Today, all the bids have been made and by mid-November, we will know the results. The construction is expected to start in mid-January with an estimated completion date in 2025. These projects are crucial as a city cannot develop economically without such facilities. »

The launch of the Smectom valorization center is also part of this dynamic for the mayor: « It is completely justified economically and socially. Creating a recycling center fulfills a social and ecological role. Our waste disposal site is at the end of its life. »

The municipality is also concerned about housing and aims to bring color to the town: « We need to facilitate housing for people who want to settle here and those who are already here, especially with the ongoing facade operation. » This is indeed an incentive program to restore and enhance the facades of the city center. In this context, the municipality is supporting citizens and property owners with a joint assistance from the City Hall and the Region, up to a maximum of 2,000 euros per application and 4,000 euros for apartment buildings. Simply contact the local authority for all the details.

An active search for real estate operators is currently underway: « the goal is to encourage renovation with all dedicated assistance, especially in terms of thermal and energy efficiency. In Lannemezan, we only have one hotel and that is also something we need to address. »

Une mairie facilitatrice

The mayor’s office positions itself as a facilitator rather than a project carrier, as clarified by Bernard Plano: « We have a project for economic and commercial development at the highway exit, which includes a carpooling area and also a service area for distributing fluids, including hydrogen. There will be commercial actors as well as hotels. We see ourselves as facilitators, although it should be noted that we are involved in the carpooling area since the land belongs to the city. »

A response will be provided regarding the vegetable market.

In terms of renovations and attractiveness, the mayor also wanted to address the collective defending the market hall, which has recently launched a petition for its rehabilitation. He explained his position by saying, « When we look at all the significant projects we have initiated for the citizens, the vegetable market hall is not a priority, I want to make that clear. Its purpose of use is not clearly defined, but I also want to say that a response will be provided to those concerned. The hall is not the focal point of the market reconfiguration, but it deserves our attention. Before its renovation, its purpose of use needs to be defined. The centralization of the market does not align with this, but rather with the commercial activity of the city center. »