« I cannot reword »

l’essentielOn Tuesday, September 12th, the mayor of Foix surprised everyone in the assembly by announcing his resignation as mayor of Foix during the municipal council meeting of the county city. Following this announcement, numerous personalities have reacted to this resignation.

Kamel Chibli, vice-président de la région Occitanie 

« I have just learned that my friend, Norbert Meler, has announced his resignation from his position as mayor at the age of 72. First and foremost, I want to express my gratitude and admiration for him, as I must admit it is difficult for me to imagine him no longer being the mayor, as he truly embodied this role. He may be the most extraordinary mayor to me, the kind of mayor who stands by his fellow citizens, always with a spirit of solidarity, kindness, and rare benevolence. We both share the same values, and I am grateful to him for intelligently preparing another generation as every politician should. He is a role model to me. »

Martine Froger, député de la 1ère circonscription de l’Ariège

« It is a great emotion to see him leave his position. It is a very elegant decision on his part. It proves that he was truly there for his city and not for a position. Taking over now is truly to his credit. I applaud this decision. I am moved because he is someone I know very well, who has great popularity. »

Laurent Panifous, député de la 2nde circonscription de l’Ariège

« Je salue le grand maire qu’il a été et le grand élu qu’il est toujours. C’est quelqu’un qui a toujours œuvré dans un esprit de rassemblement de façon exemplaire. C’est un symbole assez fort qu’il annonce son retrait de la fonction de maire. C’est quelqu’un qui a beaucoup formé de jeunes et qui a partagé les responsabilités. Forcément, je regrette de le perdre comme maire parce que c’était un maire talentueux et fédérateur. Je sais aussi apprécier le geste. Le fait de transmettre, c’est quelque chose qui n’est pas facile mais il l’avait dit et il le fait, c’est quelque chose de remarquable. Il donne une belle image de l’élu. »

Jean-Jacques Michau, sénateur de l’Ariège

« It is still a surprise, even though he has been saying for a long time that he is preparing for the future. He is a mayor who has done a lot for the city, as before his terms, he was working with former mayors without being elected. He is someone who is deeply attached to his city of Foix and he has proven how he can manage it. The proof is that he was elected in 2020 in the first round with very high scores. He is unanimously supported, not only within his political family, but also by the majority of Fuxéens. »

Thomas Fromentin, président de l’Agglo Foix-Varilhes

I was surprised by this decision, but Norbert Meler is a man of transmission, he has always shown it in his public life. It appears consistent with his overall journey. Norbert Meler clearly embodies the mayor of Foix. It is a strong and courageous decision, one made by a man who values transmission greatly.

Jérôme Azéma, conseiller municipal, au nom du groupe « Foix 2020 »

I greet the wise decision of Norbert Meler to resign from his position as mayor. This decision is not a surprise as he had mentioned it during the 2020 electoral campaign. It is aimed at calming the relative tensions that have marked his terms since 2014, with various minority groups from different sides. A new chapter begins, and I hope that the management of our city can now be done in a more collaborative and less partisan manner, in the best interest that should drive us all, that of the residents of Foix and beyond, for the benefit of all inhabitants of our region. I reiterate the proposal of the « Foix 2020 » elected officials, which we had made at the beginning of our term and which I mentioned again in yesterday’s municipal council meeting, to participate more actively in the municipal life of our community, particularly to accelerate the dynamism regarding economic and tourist attractiveness, construction works, finances, and education.

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