« I cannot reword »

l’essentielIn the Social Affairs Committee, the discussions regarding the conditioning of the RSA were heated. The left and the LR eventually walked out. The text may not be voted on.

« I cannot reword »

On Wednesday around midnight, the left-wing abruptly left, following the president’s refusal to postpone the debates until the next day. « Discouraged to see their work on essential topics (disability, early childhood) being examined between 1 and 4 am, » tweeted PS deputy Arthur Delaporte, the NUPES deputies « refused to participate in this farcical debate. » A few minutes later, the LR followed suit.

There are numerous issues with this text.

But to tell the truth, the discussions have been stagnant from the beginning. « Dussopt doesn’t talk to us, and there are many problems with this particular text, especially regarding the RSA part, » a socialist deputy confided to us this week. He first pointed out the lack of resources. « The majority wants to register all RSA beneficiaries with Pôle emploi, but without adequate investments, there will be no real support, » lamented an elected official on Wednesday, adding, « We also disagree with the sanctions that deprive people of income. »

Le rôle des LR pour le vote

It is not surprising that the NUPES opposes the text, but the problem for the majority mainly comes from the LR who made conditioning of allowances to a minimum activity their battle horse. However, « since last night there are no more constraints, » a deputy told us on Wednesday. The 15 to 20 hours of mandatory activity, mentioned for the first time by candidate Emmanuel Macron, are too difficult to organize and are not included in the law. Will the LR refuse to vote for the text because of this? When asked by La Dépêche, the president of the group, Olivier Marleix, did not wish to respond. Another question mark for the majority is the attitude of the Rassemblement National. « The idea that beneficiaries are lazy, implied in the law, is not supported by them. I would not be surprised if they do not vote for it, and without them, the text is buried, » relishes a NUPES member.

The president of the RN group, Sébastien Chenu, did not respond when contacted by La Dépêche. The full-employment law is therefore in great danger, especially since it is out of the question for the government to use Article 49.3 for it. This article is reserved for another text that will be presented the next day in session, the law on programming public finances. It will be necessary to let go of a lot of weight…

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