« I introduce myself because democracy is at stake, » accused of being too old to be president, Joe Biden defends himself.

l’essentielThe controversy surrounding the advanced age of the American president resurfaces regularly. With just over a year until the presidential elections, polls reveal that these concerns are shared by a portion of the population. These fears are dismissed by Joe Biden, who asserts that he will run as a defender of democracy.

Is Joe Biden too old to fulfill his duties? The argument, put forward by the Republican camp, especially Donald Trump, comes up regularly. With just over a year until the presidential elections, the 80-year-old American leader counterattacks, stating that he is running again to defend democracy.

« Il y a beaucoup de personnes qui semblent se concentrer sur mon âge », a-t-il déclaré lundi. « Je comprends cela, croyez-moi, je le sais mieux que quiconque », a-t-il poursuivi lors d’un événement à New York visant à collecter des fonds et organisé avec des artistes de Broadway. « Je me présente parce que la démocratie est en jeu. En 2024, nous voterons à nouveau sur l’avenir de la démocratie. Il est important de souligner que Donald Trump et ses partisans républicains sont déterminés à détruire la démocratie américaine », a déclaré le président américain.

The Democrats are expressing concerns.

The Republican camp’s criticisms of Joe Biden’s age, however, appear to resonate with the population, as reflected in numerous polls. The surveyed voters consider the Democratic leader too old to run for office. The American president’s campaign, which focuses on promoting his strong economic achievements and ambitious plans for industrial recovery, has so far been unable to overshadow these concerns and the energy level of the Democrat.

A few days ago, an influential columnist in the Democratic sphere, David Ignatius, echoed these concerns in an article for the Washington Post, which caused a stir in Washington. While expressing his « admiration » for the Democratic president, the columnist believes that by running for re-election, Joe Biden « risks undoing his greatest achievement, which was successfully stopping Trump. »

The question of age is not any easier for the former Republican president. Donald Trump, who is 77 years old, stated in an interview aired on Sunday on NBC that Joe Biden’s problem is not his 80 years, but « his incompetence ». However, current polls show that although the age difference between the two men is small, Americans are more concerned about Joe Biden’s age.

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